River rumblings: Thaw

Sound recordings

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In order to invoke the natural highlands environment, I used a suite of natural recorded sounds as both ambience and as source samples to be modulated and processed by the scientific data. Field recordings were made on location at the River Feshie site, as well as other natural environments. They were augmented by studio and foley recordings. All recordings were carried out, edited and processed by myself or under my direction except where noted (*). Field recordings created and used include:

Underwater hydrophone recordings made at Colinton Dell

  • River ambience: audiomoth recordings (*Feshie)
  • River flow underwater: hydrophone recordings (*Feshie)
  • Underwater recordings at low and high flow: hydrophone recordings (Colinton Dell)
  • River ambience: omni recordings (**Heriot, Borders, 55.742534, -3.015858)
  • Trees and wind ambience: contact mic and zoom recordings (Craiglochart, Edinburgh)
  • Storm and rain: omni recordings (Shandon, Edinburgh)
  • Birdsong: zoom and omni recordings (Shandon, Edinburgh)

Tree and wind recordings made with a homemade contact microphone

These recordings were augmented by additional field and studio foley’ recordings that I have made over the course of the year and form part of my sound library:

‘Gin and Tonic’ Ice cube hydrophone recordings

  • gin and tonic’ ice cube hydrophone recordings (Shandon, Edinburgh)
  • sound of snow footsteps (Reid School, studio 5)
  • crumpling blisterpack (Reid School, studio 5)
  • general water sounds (Reid School, and Shandon, Edinburgh)
  • indoor foley foliage recordings of foliage - leaves, plants, footsteps on grass, creaks (Shandon, Edinburgh)

Recording acknowledgements:

* Mark Naylor kindly made the Feshie recordings following brief training and under my guidance using my recording equipment.

** Elliot Termote. These recordings were made together with Elliot during a cycling excursion into the Borders of Scotland.

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